Care and Maintenance of Stretch Shapes and Stretch Screens

When rigging or setting up your stretch shapes or stretch screens its always best to wear golves to avoid finger oils to penetrating your stretch screen. Although larger stretch shapes and screens may end up touching the ground, please take precaution by making sure the surface is clean or lay down a clean tarp to ensure your screens or shapes do not get dirty. Painters plastic or construction paper works great for keeping your setup clean and looking good. 


Stretch Shapes and Stretch Screens are very simple to store and ship which makes them a simple and effective solution for mobile dj's, stage and lighting companies and AV companies. Most of our tension fabric products fold into a small carry bag which is included with our spandex shapes, spandex screens, and stand covers. All are products are generally shipped in a poly bag to help keep the stretch shape or stretch screen clean during shipping and transport. Storing our screens and shapes is easy with our optional drawstring carry bag.


For long sotrage periods we recommend you fold the screen decreasing the amoung of wrinkles. Ready to use your screen or shape? Remove from the bag and whala the wrinkles stretch right out of your screen. If you still have some deep wrinkles in your screen or shape you can toss them in a standard dryer on low heat and that should help remove some deeper wrinkles from your stretch shape or stretch screen. Do not use high heat as this may melt or damage your screen. 


Washing Instructions

Your stretch shapes and screens can easily be machine washed at home in warm (not hot) water. We recommend using Oxi Clean or a stain removal product that does not include bleach on heavily stained areas. Tumble dry on low heat, do not use high heat. Do not bleach.