Check out some of our stretch shapes and stretch screens in use!

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Custom printed spandex truss covers, printed truss covers, spandex truss cover

Spandex Stage Design by

Spandex Shapes and Stretch Shapes by

Spandex Stretch Shapes by

Spandex Sails by Stretchy Screens

Triangle stretch shapes by

10x7- DJ Screen Spandex Screen

Stretchy Screens diamond stretch shapes and rectangle stretch shape for corporate stage design.

Circle stretch projection screen for stage design. Truss covers for box trussing.

16x9 stretch projection screen and 10x10 stretch shape for corporate audio visual company.

16x9 Spandex Projection Screen for church stage backdrop.

Circle Projection Screen for mobile band.

Stretch Shapes - Square - Stretch Spandex Shape Square - Stretch Triangle Shapes

Stretch Spandex Shapes - Stretch Shapes - Rose Brand Stretch Shapes - StretchShapes

Stretch Shapes - Diamond - Stretch Shapes -Stage Design - Stretch Shapes Spandex

spandex wall backdrop, spandex wall, 3d spandex shapes, spandex structures

spandex wall backdrop, spandex wall, stretch spandex wall

Stretch Diamond Shape - Spandex Stage Design - Stretch Diamond Shapes

Stretch Circle Screen - Spandex Shape - Spandex Circle Screen - Stretch Shapes

Church stage backdrop. 10x10 square stretch shape and 10x7 rectangle stretch shape.

Spandex stage backdrop for church stage design. Stretch shapes make a great stage design element for stage backdrops.

Scrim Stand Covers, Scrim King, Scrim Stand Covers, Scrim Cover

scrim stand covers, Scrim King, scrim stand cover, scrim covers, spandex stand covers

Custom stretch projection screen. Spandex Stage Design. Stretchy Screens Stretch Shapes

Tom Tom Productions New Zealand

Stretchy Screens

Stretch Projection Screens (stretchy screens custom order)

Stretchy Screens Club Install. 10x10 Stretch Shape - Spandex Projection Screen for nightclub install.

Triangle Stretch Shapes - Stretch Sails for Stage Design. 10x7 Triangle Stretch Shape for corporate event.

StretchShapes - Tension fabric shapes. Spandex Shapes for Events and Audio Visual Rentals.

Stretchy Screens Stretch Shapes - Stretch Shape - Stretch Sails - 10x7 Triangle Stretch Shape

Trinagle Stretch Shape - Rectangle Stretch Shape - Stretch Projection Screens fro church install.

Stretch Shapes Used in Worship

Stretch Shapes for churches

Stretchy Shapes

Stretch Projection Screens



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