Spandex Rear Projection Screens

Spandex Rear Projection Screens

Looking for rear projection surface and don't want to break the bank try spandex we offer large-format spandex rear projection screens at affordable prices. We have a selection of popular spandex projection screens and can also create custom sizes and shapes.

Spandex is a great solution for rear or front projection. Choosing the right material weight or thickness is imprtant to projection quality. After years in the stretch shapes and spandex screens business we beleive we have the best quality stretch fabric for projections. Our material is treated with a FR (flame retardant) to make sure its safe to use for special events, churches and audio visual companies.

Rear projection screens can be very expensive and we pride ourselves for having the lowest prices of rear projection screens on the web. Speandex is a versatile and affordable solution for customers looking for a rear projection screens

Contact us today to learn more about how spandex can be used for rearprojection screens.

Josh Dugan Posted by Josh Dugan