Purchase Order Terms

StretchyScreens.com does accept purchase orders from large organizations, schools and non profit groups.
If you are considering ordering via a purchase order please contact us for purchase order information.

Purchase orders are only accepted for orders totalling $5,000 or more, if the order is less than $5,000 payment must be received before shipment or placed with our sales team via a credit card.
All purchase order must be paid within 30 days.
If a purchase order is deliquant for more than 30 days the fee structure is listed bellow

Purchase order late fees: 
0-30 Days - No Additional Fee
30-45 Days - 10% Late Fee
45-60 Days - 15% Late Fee
60 Days or more 20% Late Fee

By ordering using a purchase order with StretchyScreens.com you agree and understand these purchase order terms.