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All of our stretch screens and stretch shapes are manufactured right here in the USA by our savy sewing staff. Tension faric products are our expertise and we focus on anything and everything related to spandex stage design.

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Stretch Fabric Shapes
premade stretch fabric shapes for rental
dimensional stretch shapes
Tension Fabric Structures
spandex shapes
Washable, fade resistant and durable these stretch shapes
stretch shapes for lighting and projectionsewwhat
framed fabric sculptures, full walls
fabric sculptures, stretch, stretch shapes, stretch textile
projection and lighting effects
Stretch fabric structures (aka spandex or tension shapes) 
Stretch fabric backdrops
flat panel stretch shapes
Stretch ShapesDecorations for your church
Spandex Shapes & Structures
Decorative 4-point shapes
Stretched fabric shapes
inexpensive Stretched fabric shapes
Stretch fabric structures 
spandex shapes
lycra shapes
Stretched Spandex Shapes Manufacturers & Stretched Spandex
tension Fabric & Stretch
panel walls
Flat Panel Traditionalshap
largest variety of stretch shapes
stretchy projection screens
 Flat Panel Stylized
Flat Panel Organic
 Flat Panel Stylized
 Flat Panel Stylizeding
flate panel shapesspace shaping
stretch shapes
stretch spandex shapes
stretchshapes net
stretch shapes . net
stretchy shapes
spandex shapes

frugal skirts
the skin line
glow skirts
Mobile VSS Video Screen System
one-size-fits-all giant screen
affordable projection screen
OEM contract sewing
OEM manufacturing
diy projection screen
ultimate tool for DJ's
inexpensive portable projection screen
versatile projection screen
dj screen dress kit
truss kit
dj screen stretchable screens
rear projection screen material
projection screen material
ycra dj screen
Lycra screens
scrim weks
scrim works
scrim kings
scrim products
video screen system
spandex screens
spandex projection screen
spandex screen
portable projection screen
rear projection screen
spandex shapes
DJ Screens
Scrim King
Stretch Projection Screen
Mobile Video Screen
DJ Screen
Odyssey screen
Mobile video screen
dj skirts
dj equipment
Stretchy Screens
portable projection screen
ata case
dj gear
flight case
church screen
music supply
disc jockey
wedding dj

dalite da-lite
mustang screen
rear front projection
tension fabric decoration
truss pipe drape
stretch fabric for projection screen
scrim king