Printed Spandex Table Covers
Full color printed spandex table covers are a cost effective way to make your trade show or exihibit table pop. With dye sublimation we are able to color match the entire table to your logo or artwork. Our printed spandex table covers feature reinforced heavy duty canvas pockets to stand up to the wear and tear of the event industry. Many other spandex table covers are screen printed logos that will crack and fade over time. Dye sub printed table covers will not crack or fade. Our spandex table covers are also treated with a flame retardant making it NFPA 701 approved which most trade s..
Printed Truss Covers
Take your scenic stage design to a new level with printed truss covers. 12x12 box truss is widely used in the event industry today and typically covered by a black or white truss sock. What if you could incorporate your event theme or brand right into the truss itself? Printed truss covers can add a high end design element to your event. Our printed truss covers are full color dye sublimation printed. They are also available in several custom lengths. Once an order is placed we will send you a design template with artwork guidelines. Print and sew usually takes between 3-5 days once the..
Church Stage Design with Stretch Shapes
As you may know installing stretch shapes in your house of worship is a relatively simple process and provide a great visual aesthetic but a designer from Ohio took our stretch shapes to the next level with spray paint. Learn about how Laura created a unique church stage design utilizing our spandex shapes and spray paint! Spandex Shapes Spray Paint Project: This is my New Life Church of the Nazarene stage set project in Mount Vernon, OH.  Sorry about the poor quality of the pics, they are from my iPhone. My original design had to be altered slightly after the disa..
Corporate Stretch Shapes Design
Planning a cororate event and on a limitted budget? Our stretch shapes and stretch screens make a great backdrop for corporate events! Pictured are our 4 point diamond and rectangle shapes used with a gobo projector and uplighting. Stretch shapes can be rented or purchased and provide a scenic stage design for your corporate events at an affordable price. We work with AV companies around the country to provide spandex scenic design. Your AV company may already be on our preffered vendor list and may qualify for a discount so make sure to consult your local proffesional AV company! You ca..
Scrim Stand Cover Collection
Stretchy Screens offers a huge slection of scrim stand covers. We have single, double, base scrims and pole sleeves for your speaker stands and lighting stands. We also make custom scrims for over sized speaker stands and other audio visual stands. If you are thinking about getting custom scrims made we have created an easy way to measuer your scrim and provide us with the proper dimension.  Find out how to measure your speaker stands for custom scrims by clicking here. Below are some of our most popular speaker stand cover models we offer. Feel free to contact us with any..
Circle Projection Screens
Circle projection screens and circle shapes are simple to frame and create a unique scneic stage design affect. You can choose to upligh them with LED lights or use rear or front projection to project visuals, lyrics and videos. There are a couple ways to frame circle screens. One way is to purcahse our premade tentpole kits that correspond with the circles diameter up to 12 ft wide. Another way to frame circle projection screens is with circular box truss. We now offer an option to place rigging points every 1.5 ft around the perimter of the circle which you can zip tie to any..
Stretch Shapes Rentals
We rent our stretch shapes for scenic stage designs, church backdrops and special events around the country. By renting stretch shapes you can save 50%. Simply checkout with the shapes you need for your event and specify your event day. Make sure to choose the proper shipping speed to ensure the stretch shapes are there in timer. Our stretch shapes are made to order and generally take 1-2 days to process.   Have a special event and don't want to purchase stretch shapes or a stretch projection screens? We now rent stretch shapes, spandex screens, spandex table covers, fabric structur..
Spanex Panel Walls
Spandex panel walls are a great way to add an awesome visual effect to your stage design, event or house of worship. Panel walls are available in square, diamond or triangle shapes. Create dynamic wall deisngs for stage backdrops or a permanent installation. Our panel walls can be rigged using pipe and drape, box trussing, or any other structures. All of our panel walls include linking rings to attach panels together.   Panel Wall Features: - Quick and Easy Setup - Made of premium flame retardant fabric - Easy folds down for storage and transporation  - Great ..
Stretch Shapes

Stretchy Screens stretch shapes collection is perfect for production companies, event rentals, and mobile DJ's looking to make a scenic impact.
Stretch shapes can be easily rigged using 100lb test or our included bungee cables. Stretch shapes and stretch sales are perfect for led lighting, rear or front projection, and gobo patterns. 

To access our collection of stretch shapes click here for more info.