Printed Spandex Stage Design
We all know the spandex sails, stretch shapes, and spandex projection screens that exist on the market today but what happens when you want to do an event where projection or lighting isnt possible? Say its a daytime music festival, an outdoor concert, or a church picnic. Your pretty limited when it comes to lighting and projecting in full daylight or well lit rooms. Drumroll please.... In comes dye sublimation printing! With dye sub you can print on spandex and stretchy materials that screen printing just cant acheive. Dye sub allows us to print on truss covers, stretch backdrps and banners,..
Star Spandex Shape
New star spandex shapes used as a ceiling treatment. The custom star shape measured approximately 24x24 after stretch.  Our spandex shapes can be easily in a horizontal application as well as vertical. Flanking the stage are two 6 of our 10x15 Ft rectangle spandex shapes.  Spandex shapes are easy to setup, versatile, and easy to light. Please contact us with questions regarding your next spandex stage design.    ..
12" Custom Printed Spandex Truss Covers
Check out this awesome project we just completed for Central Boiler. 12"x12" custom printed truss covers with custom 3 way printed corner block trussing. We have the ability to brand in full color any truss cover size or length. Make a statement at your next event with our printed truss covers.  ..
How to rig our stretchy screens and stretch shapes?
Question on how to rig our stretchy screens and stretch shapes for spandex stage design applications? I get a lot of question on how to rig our spandex screens and shapes. With all of our products we ship our custom bungee hook with loop. The bungee loop can easily be wrapped around truss, pipe or other stage apparatus and the hook end fits easily into our included rigging points places on our screens and shapes. Each product ships with the correct amount of bungees.  You can also rig our products with aircraft cable, tie line, rope or 100 lb test fishing line. You can purchase addi..
New 20.5" Printed Truss Covers Available Now
Check out our new 20.5" printed box truss covers below. Remeber we can also custom print to any size truss for your next event. Click here to see previous 20.5" truss covers we have made. Several lengths are available.  How does it work? Once your order is placed we will send you a template for your artwork. If you dont have an artwork department we can offer artwork assistance at $60/hour to help get your logos and text placed on our template and ready for print. Once your artwork is ready for print we quickly go to work printing, cutting and sewing your custom printed box truss cove..
Spandex Circle Projection Screens - Church Stage Design
Circle projection screens are a great way to add depth to any stage element. There easy to hang and even easier to frame using PVC. We now provide circles with a sleeve for your own PVC frame. See pictures below.  Our circle screens are perfect for up lighting, rear and front projection. They are available in several sizes and include a 5 inch sleeve for PVC, tentpoles, or other framing apparatus. This item does NOT include a frame but PVC makes an affordable framing option. If your looking to rig a circle to an existing truss structure we also offer a truss mount op..
New Printed Truss Cover Sizes
We recently welcomed new printed truss cover sizes to our product catalouge. Take a look at how our recent projects with the Detroit Lions, Michigan State Spartans, Nickelodian and more national brands that have used our truss covers to brand events from launch parties to primetime games. No the standard truss sizes we all use at events across the country are available online. We can also custom make any branded truss cover size you may need. Take advantage of unlimited branding potential with our full color dye sublimated truss covers. A new feature we have implemented ..
Spandex Sails
Spandex sails used at a local event in Phoenix, AZ. Custom projected a gobo on the spandex to be used during a presentation.  About Us StretchyScreens.com is the leader in the spandex sails and stretch shape industry. With fast turnaround times for custom jobs we can help create spandex sails and other stretch designs for your audio visual and special event needs.      ..
8x5 Spandex Shapes used for a Church Backdrop!
Check out an inovative way Oakwook Church used our 8x5 spandex shapes as a church bacdrop for their Easter services!   ..
Superbowl 2015 with Stretch Shapes!
Stretchy Screens recently made it to the 2015 Super Bowl festivities at the Stub Hub after party. A variety of our stretch shapes and stretch screens were used for projecting gobos, logos, and LED lighting. The cleints goal was to create a modern environment out of a stale convention space. The results are amazing!  The stretch shapes were rigged from raftors in the ceiling and tension was added from the bottom using sangbags to secure the bottom of the shapes. Miles of black tie line was used to give the shapes a free floating look. Since rigging options were limitted to vertical only..
Spandex Rear Projection Screens
Looking for rear projection surface and don't want to break the bank try spandex we offer large-format spandex rear projection screens at affordable prices. We have a selection of popular spandex projection screens and can also create custom sizes and shapes. Spandex is a great solution for rear or front projection. Choosing the right material weight or thickness is imprtant to projection quality. After years in the stretch shapes and spandex screens business we beleive we have the best quality stretch fabric for projections. Our material is treated with a FR (flame retardant) to make ..
DJ Screens - Mobile DJ Projection Screens
Video DJ Screens are becoming a great upsell for mobile DJ's. Spandex screens make a great addition to your mobile DJ setup and high quality music videos are becoming readily available for the mobile DJ. DJ Screens are an affordable projection solution and pay for themselves in the the first few events. We offer a selection of DJ screens ranging from 5x5 feet to 20x12 feet. View our awesome selection of DJ Screens here! ​   ..
Church movie night!
Northville Christian Assembly recently approached us looking for a spandex projection screen for an upcoming movie night. We recommended our 20x12 projection screen for the size of their house of worship. The next step was to find a frame that could support a giant 20 ft wide screen. They ended up linking two 10ft dj truss systems together and the result was perfect!   ..
Sleeve for Dual Floor Plasma Stands
Need to cover up your Premier Mounts Dual Floor Plasma Stands? Check out our dual floor sleeve covers and base plate covers for dual floor stands and bases. Cover up your scratched chrome with our 60", 72" and 84" sleeve lengths. The sleeves include heavy duty elastic holding the sleeve tight to the dual poles. If you also would like to cover up your base plate covers we also offer a spandex base plate cover. Corporate discounts available for large audio visual companies and exhibitors. Check out our dual floor sleeves here or contact us for more information. ..
Portable Projector Screens for Missionaries
If your heading out on a remote missions trip this summer and need a portable projection screen we have many options available. One options is a spandex screen that stretches between a lighweight photography stand or any other structure out in the field. We have spandex screens avialable in many sizes and shapes to fit your frame and we also recomend lightweight frames such as photography stands like these: Portable Photography Frame If your looking for something self contained our circle stretch projection screens have the option to add a lighweight tentpole frame. The tentpole fra..
Outdoor Movie Screens
Did you know that our Stretchy Screens can be used outdoors to create an affordable projection screen surface for your next backyard movie? Stretchy Screens setup wrinkly free and can be stretched between trees, posts or other structures to create a wrinkly free fast setup for your next event.  Our spandex projection screens can be used for rear or front projection making projector setup easy. We recommend using a projector with 2,000 lumens or brighter for the best picture quality. Most projectors have a setting to mirror the image in order to use rear projection.  Al..
Spandex DJ Screens
  Stretchy Screens offers lycra spandex screens for DJ's and mobile entertainers. Our DJ screens are the ultimate tool for DJs or anyone looking for an inexpensive portable projection screen with a modern design and easy setup. Our DJ screens stretch to different sizes and shapes and can be used in all conditions. Our screens are lightweight and durable. Also available is our DJ screen truss frame kit and our reversible dress kit. Our 10x7 Ft and 8x5 Ft  DJ screen will fit any standard 10ft or 8ft mobile DJ truss.  Our DJ screens can be used w..
Truss Covers and Truss Socks
Stretchy Screens offers truss covers and truss sleeves sold by the foot. Choose your box truss length and we build them to specifiaction within 2-3 business days. View our truss cover selection here. We also offer printed truss covers here. Truss Covers, Truss Socks, Spandex Truss, Truss Sleeves, Printed Truss Covers ..
Creating a Grand Entrance with Spandex Shapes
Karma Lighting uses Stretchy Screens Stretch Shapes to create a grand entrance for a local event at the Phoenix Art Museum.  Using our 10x7 long triangle and two 10x7 right triangle Karma created a grand entrance utilizing simple pipe and drape to hang our stretch shapes. Picture courtesy of Karma Lighting   ..
Spandex Shapes for Italian Festival
We were recently approched by an Italian festival to build three large stretch shapes to mimic an Italian flag. We started with our 4 point rectangle shapes and custom made them to the specifications of our customers stage design.   We offer custom color stretch shapes upon request and color availability. Contact us about your stage design project today.  ..