Outdoor Movie Screens

Outdoor Movie Screens

Did you know that our Stretchy Screens can be used outdoors to create an affordable projection screen surface for your next backyard movie?

Stretchy Screens setup wrinkly free and can be stretched between trees, posts or other structures to create a wrinkly free fast setup for your next event. 

Our spandex projection screens can be used for rear or front projection making projector setup easy. We recommend using a projector with 2,000 lumens or brighter for the best picture quality. Most projectors have a setting to mirror the image in order to use rear projection. 

All of our stretch projection screens come with included bungee cables and we offer many different framing aparatuses to create the perfect size screen. 

Our screens are also machine washable so cleaning them is easy. They are also flame retardant making them safe around bon fires and fireworks. 

Check out our selection of Stretch Projection Screens here: STRETCH PROJECTION SCREENS


Josh Dugan Posted by Josh Dugan

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